About Us


College Authority Houston is committed to serving college-bound students and families by making the complicated college search simple and obtainable. We’re dedicated to providing the best coaching, tools, and information to our clients so we can make college affordable one family at a time.

Our organization guides students through services in college admission, financial aid, enrollment, teaching and learning . In addition, we provide financial aid guidance to assist students and their family in realizing their dream of graduating on time from college, with the least amount of debt possible.

What sets our organization apart?

  • Vision and innovation are critical to our effectiveness in an ever-changing environment; we have present-day expertise in the college planning process
  • All of our services are provided in house, giving our families direct access to our experienced team
  • Hands on experience with NCAA, DIV I, II, III requirements and recruitment techniques
  • We are a passionate, diverse, young staff focused on building lasting relationships with students and their families